Analisis Kandungan Logam Berat Ikan Pelagis Kecil R. kanagurta, Decapterus sp dan S. crumenophthalmus Yang Tertangkap di Perairan Sekitar Bitung

Hetty M.P Ondang, Fidel J. Ticoalu, Rudi Saranga


Technological developments have encouraged the growth of various industries, which on the one
hand can increase economic growth, but on the other hand, it can also cause environmental
damage as a result of negative impacts resulting from waste generated. The coastal and marine
waters of Bitung City are industrial dense areas which are spread from the northern to the
southern region. Besides that there were activitied which adding to the increasingly dense
activities in the coastal waters of Bitung City like the ferry port, cargo and container ports, and
passenger port. The research aims to analyze the level of pollution of mercury heavy metals
(Hg), lead (Pb), and cadmium (Cd) in several types of fish consumption from Bitung waters; to
get the dominant type of heavy metal exposed to fish meat; and determine the level of heavy
metal contamination in the waters around Bitung based on bio-indicators.The results of
research showed that all fish samples were contaminated by heavy metals and each location for
sampling levels of metal contamination based on bio-indicators was different, where the waters
of Kampung Pisang have a higher level of metal contamination.

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